A General overview of the GRE examination


Let’s see what are the sections to be covered in the GRE test and how one can go about it:

The GRE test is cut into three general sections. First comes the Analytical writing and then come the Verbal and Quantitative sections. These usually appear in the same order and can have research and unscored sections, important for use in future tests. It is to be noted that what you answer on these don’t get counted in the score sheet but since one doesn’t know which questions are for real and which aren’t, every portion in the GRE test should be attempted with equal amount of dedication.

Different options

The GRE exam can be either taken on a computer or on paper. The testing time depends on a lot of factors, the first being which version of the test one takes and the potential allowance of research sections that are unscored. All this requires a minimum of three hours which is what one must set aside if they want to prepare seriously for the looming GRE exam dates.

Paper or computer, your choice

Most students take up the computer version of the test but some go for the paper version of the same. If you’re planning to take the paper version you will need to spend more time in the test section because of the simple reason that the paper test has two quantitative and two verbal sections. Falling in the similar section to the computer based test, the GRE exam can also include an unscored section.

Usually students being tech savvy nowadays, prefer taking the computer based test which equals to the test being able to adapt to the difficulty level of the questions everytime you out forward an answer. Which means, that every student starts out by answering the questions on an average difficulty level. Every time you answer, the computer scores it right there and then and with your forthcoming responses, presents you with questions best suited to the level you stand at. In simple words, correct answers make the following questions more difficult and incorrect answers make them less difficult.

The analytical writing section of the exam:

Analytical writing section: The first part of the exam is this and the first part this section has is a paragraph, usually on a general issue. You are to read it and go on to address the topic with your opinions and viewpoints as you think is fit. There is a time limit of 45 minutes for this. It’s important on the GRE exam dates to have the ability to support what viewpoints you put forward along with a good amount of reasoning.

If one takes the GRE exam on the computer, this entire portion is graded through a word processing tool. Where computer based testing isn’t available, the section is graded with the help of examiners.

The entire test is very easy if one prepares for it with utmost dedication. High marks can be achieved with good preparation and understanding of different sections of the test.

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