Best Windows Computer Tracking Software in 2019

In this time of chaos, everyone is busy with their work. Parents do not have enough time to spend with their children, which has led to the attention of children on digital devices. More than half of the company’s work has shifted to computers, which also reduces the performance of the employees. Here, cybercrime, hacking, and incidents like harassment occur.

Where these facilities are beneficial also causes loss, so they also have solutions to avoid them. Nowadays, there is sophisticated computer tracking software that keeps you up to date with all the activities on targeted devices. One of the most popular and reliable software is TheOneSpy, which tracks the activities with accuracy and efficiency.

TheOneSpy Monitoring Software

It protects your loved one, children or employee from danger by giving you a preliminary alert. Parents feel awkward when they come into the room and their children are doing something on the computer and suddenly hide it or get your employees busy watching something else at work and don’t get your job done or share your company information with someone else, so they can be monitored secretly through TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy helps the user to access to information which they cannot get by asking.

TheOneSpy Main Features

TheOneSpy Computerspy app unique features that differ from other popular software. It allows you to access the following functions on the targeted laptop/PC.

  • SurroundRecorder to record surrounding voices.
  • Photoviewer to get computer gallery photos.
  • ActivityLogs to check on the internet and without internet activities.
  • Windows Key Logger allows to check passwords, used application and social sites.
  • ScreenRecorder allows recording any activity any time secretly
  • The locationtracker allows tracking of the PC exact location.
  • InstalledApplications viewer allows checking any other spy app.
  • Websiteblocked allows blocking irrelevant or inappropriate sites.
  • Screenshotscan be taken anytime.
  • WindowsSoftware Usage Timer enables the user to check the usage time of any software.
  • Users can check the Windows Browsing History on any default browser.
  • Emailviewer allows a check received & sent mail and email history.
  • Windows Remote feature gives access to the device remotely.
  • Users can access the logging dashboard of the computer.
  • Computer Usage Reports gives the overall report of the targeted device.
  • Users can access easily Network Data.

Why should it be the first choice?

TheOneSpy computer monitoring software is leading the market and already the choice of 70% of people. It is very beneficial for parents to save their children and for companies to enhance their employee’s activities.  Its dynamic functions will attract you to be your 1st priority. These are some major functions that differ from other spy software.

  • Real-Time Tracker

It monitors windows’ real-time activities, what’s happening on target devices.

  • Invisible mode monitoring

Invisible monitoring function allows getting access to everything secretly in stealth mode.

  • Easy setup and usage

It gets easily set in PC/laptop and started tracking according to the user instructions.

  • Screenshots on demand

Users can take an instant screenshot of the targeted device if they see any inappropriate activity.

  • Online/Offline Monitoring

TheOneSpy enables the user to check both online and offline activities on the target monitor.

  • Mighty Alarms

You can fix alarm on specific activities that you want to get to know when your kid oremployee uses it.

  • User- friendly Reports Maker

Reports summarize all activities. A user-friendly report maker allows making reports ofselected activities.

  • Website blocker

It allows the user to block those sites, which you don’t want to get accessed by your loved one or employee.

How to install TheOneSpy Windows Monitoring Software?

The first is to get a subscription tothe software. Then the installation process will be started. Install the software in the targeted device and make sure it gets started running. Then open it on user mobile on the cloud. It will instantly start monitoring. Now you can start remotely monitoring with a single click.


In the end, it turns out that TheOneSpy computer tracking software is the best solution to reduce people’s worries, whether they are parents or employers. It will give the desired results with 100% accuracy and efficiency. In the coming time, it will become the first choice of the rest of the people also because of its popularity and reliability.

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