Fix Your Hair System With 5 Tips To Hairpiece Repair


Wearing a wig can be fascinating and mark a visible difference in your look. But it may happen to you that you are rushing because you need your hair fixed with your sizzling look, but you find a tear or a hole in the hairpiece. Even though you maintain it and keep it free of tangles and any other external damage, hair replacement systems may incur a loss. Though it is of extreme pain for the user but does not mean that it can not be fixed.

While most of the cases require professional help to stop getting any further damage, but you can repair most of the small holes or tears quickly at home. Just follow the five pro tips for hairpiece repair, and you are all ready to rock the party even though with a hole in your wig!

  • Lace being the most fragile portion of the hairpiece are prone to natural wear and tear. If you find a hole or any similar thing, just out it down in a plane surface and spray it with water in a small unit, comb it gently up and down to get rid of tangles, if any. Now turn the object inside up so that the lace is facing you and you are directly in sight of the hole. After that, clean the area with either nail polish remover or acetone. Put some knot sealer of any company in the damaged area and let it dry for three to four minutes. Later you have to pin the edges of the torn area together so that it is in touch with each other.
  • Another very simple and easy solution for hairpiece repair is to use the tape. You have to use a high end and extended-wear tape, which will be covering the torn area. You can use blue tape or front support tape which coordinates with the laces since it is easier. Make sure to press the tape against the cap tightly so that it sticks to the hole and then carefully cut out the excess tape that has been there. Next thing you need to do is to cover that taped area further with a transpore tape of the same size. It will help you by preventing the taped area from getting stuck to your scalp.
  • You can also consider sewing the hole in your wig together. For this purpose, you need to have a strong thread that can hold the thing together, and that coordinates with the colour of your hairpiece. If you can not match the colour of the thread, a clear one will also do the trick. Start with an overcast stitch which is a simple one. Keep the stitches very small and concentrated surrounding the hole so that when you comb it oater, your brush does not get stuck in the thread. After you are done sewing, make sure to do a double knot and then tear off the excess thread that remains in the wig.
  • If you have hair replacement systems with poly edges, chances are there that nothing will happen to it for a long time. But if it happens, you need to put it inside out while keeping it on a table or open area so that you can see the damaged portion clearly. Clean the area with nail polish remover and pin the edges together so that it touches each other. The sides of the short hair should not come near the hole so pin it with T- Pins or any transpore tape. Now you have to apply the hair system repair tape in the torn area. Press it with your finger to see if it has settled and then split the excess tape off very carefully. You can then apply a coat of glue or adhesive repair liquid. Let it dry and repeat the process twice more just to ensure it is done correctly.
  • The last tip for hair replacement systems repair is you can purchase a lace that has a similar quality mesh of your cap from any of the vendor. Cut it out in the measurement of the hole in your wig, sew it with a strong thread of transparent colour and its ready!

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