Quinceanera Quintessentials: 7 Important Tips for a Perfect Quinceanera

houston quinceanera

The occasion of Quinceanera celebrates womanhood. A very special day for any girl, it celebrates the transition from her childhood to her adulthood. So naturally, it becomes obvious to celebrate it in all its grandeur. And any celebration requires a perfect venue. A beautiful venue not only adds to the grandeur but allows you to surprise your young lady in a way she will absolutely love.

There are many party venues you can choose from for your girl’s Houston Quinceanera. They provide you with all kinds of services which will help you with planning the party in a much better way. However, while opting for a party venue, you have to keep a lot of things in mind.

Here are 7 important things to consider while planning for a Houston Quinceanera:

  • Guest Count: This should be your first and foremost consideration while planning for the Quinceanera. The space you need for the party totally depends on the number of people who will be invited to it. Also, remember to incorporate the space when deciding about buffet service or seated meal service, dance floor and photo booth. Many Party Venues in Houston provide ample space to give you the perfect Quinceanera atmosphere.
  • Date and time of event: Based on the date and time of the Quinceanera, you might want to opt for only indoor or only outdoor or both. For example, a summer Quinceanera can have rooftop availability, whereas a winter one can have a warm campfire area to sit around and sing along.
  • Budget: Paying for the venue takes about 40% to 50% percent of your Quinceanera budget. Many banquet halls in Houston provide price packages according to the services they will be providing. The more the services, the higher the package. Be sure to know if you will be charged for any kind of damage if there is any security deposit amount, overtime charges for the staff or any other kind of payment to be made before you choose your package.
  • Entertainment and Music: Your Houston Quinceanera will certainly require music. In case of going for an outdoor venue or even a partially outdoor venue, know whether there are any restrictions of sound in the locality. If you need music and the place allows it only till, for example, at 10 pm, you might want to consider changing the venue. Also, don’t forget to ask if the venue has its own in-house DJ for playing the music at the party.
  • Service providers, if need be: Often, many venues may require you to opt for third-party services like caterers or sound teams. Know if this is the case, or the venue itself provides the services which will allow you to save more.
  • House assets: We all prefer warehouse and loft spaces, but opting for a completely empty space requires arrangements for everything, from the kitchen to lighting to sound system to décor to furniture to all else. Numerous banquet halls in Houston may contain these services in their packages. Opt for that which provides the services which you require for the Quinceanera.
  • Hours of access: Incorporate all the time you think you need for preparing for the Quinceanera. While some party venues in Houston charge by the hour, there are some which have different hour durations for different service packages.

Planning for your young lady’s Quinceanera in the right manner is very important. Being an important day in her life, it should be celebrated with pomp and show. Keeping these 7 points in mind will certainly help you in giving your girl the perfect Quinceanera she dreams and deserves.

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