Top 5 Autumn City Breaks in Europe

Top 5 Autumn City Breaks in Europe

With the summer sun finally dwindling and the evenings drawing in, autumn is the perfect time to pack your bags and head off on a city break for a relaxing long weekend.

But with so many great destinations to choose from, deciding where to jet off to can be hard. So to make your life easier, here’s a list of five of the best autumn city destinations around.

1. Krakow

In the middle of summer, Krakow’s streets can become unbearably hot with the crowds in the old town occasionally feeling a little bit much. Meanwhile, in the winter, only the brave venture to this Polish gem as temperatures regularly fall well below freezing, leaving the unprepared more than a bit chilly.

This makes autumn the perfect time to visit Krakow, with the days still long enough to enjoy strolling around its streets and the evening cool enough to make the warming Polish food delicious.

2. Berlin

The bright northern light that Berlin bathes in during the autumn months makes everything in the city look beautiful. Walk along the canals of Kreuzberg or through the parks of Mitte to enjoy some fantastic autumn scenery.

If you’re feeling adventurous, head out to one of the city’s many lakes for a late summer dip.

3. Lisbon

If you can’t quite accept that the summer is over, a trip to Lisbon might give you that last hit of sunshine you’re craving.

Autumn temperatures are often in the mid-teens with highs of 25 C not unheard of so it’s a great place for the autumnal sun.

4. Barcelona

Like Lisbon, Barcelona offers visitors a good chance of late-season sun.

However, if the weather’s not playing ball there will still be plenty to see and do in this thriving city so don’t be put off if the forecast isn’t on your side.

5. Edinburgh

If you’re happy staying in the UK for your weekend away, there are loads of city breaks closer to home and one of the best during the autumn months in Edinburgh.

Spend an afternoon exploring the Royal Mile or the famous castle that overlooks the city before visiting the nearby beaches and countryside to see some fantastic autumn landscapes, Pubfilm.

Autumn is a great time to do a bit of exploring, so why not make your top five city break list and start seeing what Europe has up its sleeve this year?

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