Perhaps there is nothing that will define your Indian Railways traveling experience as the class you want to fly. The Indian Railways have to offer as many as ten different travel classes, but no train offers all ten classes. Mainly there are six types of AC classes in our Indian railways,

Executive Class (1A) Executive Class

It is the railway equivalent of an aircraft’s executive class, which trains like Shatabdi Express and Duronto Express have. This class is a sitting class with 2 x 2 seats and ample legroom. Although food delivery in trains is possible these days, the Executive Class has food served to the passengers. Most coaches of the Executive Class are exceptionally well equipped, and this class makes short to long day trips quite comfortable.

First AC Sleeper (1A)

This is Indian Railways ‘ highest travel class and, unfortunately, also the most expensive.  First AC Sleeper is made up of four-berth cabins and two-berth window coupes that can be bolted from the inside.  Not every train has a First AC Sleeper coach-this class is limited to all classes of the most common trains with high demand.First, AC Sleeper is spacious and comfortable.

Second AC Sleeper (2A)

Second AC Sleeper is the Indian Railways’ second-highest sleeping class found on most overnight trains. This provides a decent amount of space for passengers and is perfectly convenient for short to long journeys as long as you travel together.Second AC Sleeper offers less privacy than First AC Sleeper because it lacks the latter’s lockable doors. It is made up of eight berth bays divided into four “inner” berths and two “side” berths.It has a privacy curtain that can be pulled across to cut off corridor views.  Each berth has a reading light Bedding is provided as in First AC Sleeper

Three-tier AC Sleeper (3A)

Also known as Third AC, it is one of Indian Railways’ most famous AC classes; it is the cheapest AC class that provides sleeping accommodation barrier to the comparatively different AC Sleeper Economy class.The three-tier AC Sleeper has a different configuration -the coach has eight bays, each with six “inner” berths and two “side” berths.  In Second AC Sleeper and Three-tier AC Sleeper, there is almost no difference between side berths; except that the latter does not have reading lamps.

AC Sleeper Economy (3E)

AC Sleeper Economy is a reasonably rare travel class found on a few Duronto Expresses. AC Sleeper Economy lacks the privacy curtains seen in Second AC; the layout is open-plan.  A significant difference between Three-tier AC Sleeper and this class is that there are three side berths per bay. This class is excellent for short trips at night, but it can start to feel slightly crowded for longer trips.

AC Chair Car (CC)

AC Chair Car for short day trips is an excellent travel category.  A slightly more crowded class than the Executive Class, it’s quite comfortable though.  It has 3x 2 seats and is air-conditioned.

All the AC coaches might not provide food. But food delivery on trains is possible, and you can enjoy the food of your own choice during your travel.

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