Various Industry Specific Functions Performed By EWM Software

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When the scale of operations increases, it in turns increases the level of complexity in business activities. Every business enterprises need proper management of all the functions of the business. But if we talk about large scale business organizations, they require more efforts for the management. There are so many functional areas in the business organization. Mismanagement in any of the one area will halt the whole process of the business. Same like this, managers face so many difficulties in managing the warehouse and inventory of the company. The process of managing them has already become so much complex. SAP training aims at guiding the managers to how to use this extended warehouse management software. This software helps the managers in so many ways. It simplifies the work and responsibilities of the manager concern.

It helps in shifting the whole traditional system of management to a modern one. It replaces all the old ways of managing warehouse activities with the technology. Barcode based classification of the items present in inventory is replaced by the RF based execution of the material. Manual warehouses, available storage options or passive storage is all replaced by this software. It leads to so many value-added services, flexibility of operations, etc.;classification is also done on the basis of voice picking technology. There are so many benefit of this extended software for the business. Some of the main points of benefits are listed as follows:

  • Higher customer service response
  • Standardization in processes
  • Transparency in stocks
  • Flexibility in order processing
  • Helps in decreasing so many costs associated like: inventory and labour costs, etc.
  • Improved space utilization in warehouse

Every industry uses this software in many different ways as per their requirement and needs. There are some functions which are performed by this extended warehouse management software which are specific to the industry. Like if we talk about automotive industry, the specific functions which are related to the automotive sector are:

  • Checking production supply: it aims at ensuring the efficient supply of the produced goods in the industry.
  • Quality management: the process of managing quality is the prior task that is to be performed by the managers.
  • Keeping a check on orders and stocks.

In chemicals and oil & gas: the industry specific functions performed by the extended software are:

  • Batch management of the production
  • Keeping an eye on dangerous and harmful goods
  • Inspection of quality for the safety purposes

In transport and logistics sector, various functions performed are:

  • Transport cross docking
  • Transferring dangerous goods or extra safety required goods
  • Function of transit warehousing
  • Billing in warehouse

In retail sector, some of the functions performed are”

  • Merchandise of cross docking
  • Adding serial number to batches
  • Catching weight
  • Checking and assessing shelf life of goods etc.

SAP consultant courses  helps the managers of the business organization to accurately perform the desired functions. They need to learn how to make the full use of this software.

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