You can get the Natural Growth in Breast by Fat Transfer

fat transfer to breast

The expansion in breast fat increment basically utilizes liposuction to take fat from different pieces of your body and is infused into your breasts. It is a breast enlargement choice for ladies who are searching for a generally little increment in breast estimate and favor normal outcomes. Breast expansion with fat transfer to breast is one of the new patterns in breast enlargement in Punjab. The system comprises of separating fat from another zone of the body with the Liposuction strategy and invading it as an option in contrast to the breast prosthesis, accomplishing a characteristic outcome. It is a blend of favorable circumstances between expelling overabundance fat and reusing it to expand breast size.

A Brief Summary of the Process

It is known as breast lipofilling. It is a graft of fat cells from other body areas in the breast. The best surgeons can perform this technique to improve aesthetics, such as increasing the volume, or for reconstructive purposes to solve certain trauma defects, previous surgeries, reconstructive surgery or mastectomy.

  • Fat cells are obtained from the patient from the donor areas, which may be the hips, legs or belly with mini liposuction.
  • Special treatment of these cells is performed with centrifugation, to purify them and then transfer them.
  • The graft of fat cells in the chest is carried out, with a small cannula.

You can rely on the pectoral fat graft

Some people can create that corpulent appearance more easily than others. In fact, some ladies may exercise two or three times more than others and never see much increase in the contours of the chest or decrease in the waist. Genetics and age play a huge role in the ability to sculpt your body in the way you want. To achieve the look you want, you can rely on the pectoral fat graft. The concept behind breast fat grafting is simple: move fat cells from a part of your body where there is abundance (stomach, buttocks, and thighs) to your chest to enhance its shape and size. Plastic surgeons have been using unwanted fat from the waist, stomach, legs, and back of the individual to soften and increase the size of the breasts.

What to expect during pectoral fat grafting:

Your plastic surgeon will perform liposuction in the areas of your body that the exercise has not been able to affect. The undesirable fat, which does not present the risk of creating an allergic reaction because it is produced by your own body, is injected into a series of small incisions in the upper region of your pectorals, giving them a “lift.” As with each treatment that has to do with the variation of the patient’s weight, it depends on his habits. On the one hand, so that the fat garments in the area that you want to increase, you must put aside tobacco, play sports and give yourself massages. It is essential not to diet because the injected fat is lost. You have to eat normal, and it is not necessary to make a fattening diet.

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